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All Guilds Meeting - June 2015

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We're heading into summer now and the All Guilds Meeting continues the month of June in the cavern.  We have the usual raw and cleansed chatlogs from this month's meeting, plus a summary of events below:


Korov'ev took the stage first to talk about Jhon J. Jaguar's latest Age: Lonirvan!  In this Age, there are puzzles to solve...and a mysterious "beast" that explorers will need to avoid while traversing the land.  It will be available on Deep Island next week.  You can see a brief video of the Age here.


Boywhith was next to mention a new adventure game with a very Myst-like atmosphere called Quern: Undying Thoughts.  The makers of the game, Zadbox Entertainment, have begun raising funds through Kickstarter.  As of this writing, there are 42 days left to donate, so if you like what you see, be sure to do so!

The Eyes of Ara

Similarly, Christian Walther talked about another game being funded through Kickstarter called The Eyes of Ara, developed by 100 Stones Interactive.  They have 24 days left to go in their campaign.

Music Trivia Quiz

Patricio and Max talked a bit about the trivia night they tested before Patricio's Friday Night Dance Party to great success.  Max won't be assembling the trivia questions for the time being, but encouraged anyone who wanted to to try it out as it was a lot of fun.

The Music of Ages

Along with the aforementioned Friday Night Dance Party, Patricio will also be playing music from all the Myst soundtracks.  Click the link just above to go to our calendar event for more info.

...And Even More Music

Enders will also begin broadcasting his own music as well.  The exact date and times are still being worked out.  The music will be played at this link.  Check back for new events D'niJ'd by Enders!

The Ages of Doobes

Doobes was last to mention that he now has a new Facebook page dedicated to his various Age projects and for discussion of Age building in general.  The page is public so anyone on Facebook can like it and add it to their favorites...and non-Facebook visitors can still see the posts and chatter.


The CAVCON finished at 3.0 in April (breaking even), while May was sitting at 2.5 as of the 26th.  Be sure to donate when you can to keep the cavern open!

Due to the first Saturday of July falling on the 4th (US Independence Day), the All Guilds Meeting will be delayed to July 11th at 13:00 KI time.  Until then!

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